The Inanimate Objects are a Houston, Texas based three-piece alternative music band, which has been cranking-out original compositions since the late 1970s, when the punk rock era was just beginning to surface. The band’s roots go back to 1978 in the Park Place region of southeast Houston, Texas, when original works were performed at parties with friends, using instruments such as a toy drum kit and a Silvertone guitar.  
The band currently consists of the following, all of whom have been members since the band’s first public gig in 1980:  

Ted Bare – lead guitar, rhythm guitar & vocals Ron Obvious – drums
Ollie Stevans – bass guitar and vocals

During the early years, the band also included lead vocalist, Id Pleasure, who later resigned in 1987. Subsequently, Ollie and Ted have shared lead vocals about 50/50.

The First Gig: The Inanimate Objects’ first public show took place at Rock Island on Saturday, March 8, 1980, as an impromptu opening act for headliner, The Businessmen. Ollie explained …. “This first show wasn’t even a scheduled gig for us. I got a call from Businessmen guitarist, Garret Factory, that same afternoon. He said that The Judys, who were supposed to be the opening band, called and said they had a prom night party to attend and might not be able to make it. This was in the early years before The Judys became a nationally recognized band. Factory said that if we were interested in maybe opening for them, that we should haul our amps and stuff up to the show and be on stand by in case The Judys didn’t show up. Well, after a lot of waiting around in the club, Businessmen lead singer, Scotty McDonald, finally walked up and asked if we were ready to jam in place of The Judys. We ended up thrashing our hearts out for our first-ever public gig. Rock Island was Houston’s exclusive punk rock venue at the time; located near the heart of downtown on Main Street. Another funny thing about that night is that the club made us pay to get in.”

Other Gigs and Venues:
The Inanimate Objects went on to play many public shows. Here are just a few:
The Rocksy – opening for D-Day
The Island – opening for Hüsker Dü
The Island – opening for MDK (from Germany)
The Island – opening for Los Microwaves (from San Francisco)
Fitzgeralds (upstairs and downstairs)
Rudyard’s Pub
The Omni
Blythe Spirits
The Ale House
Westheimer Art Festival
Midtown Live
Nite Cage
Crown & Serpent
Ronnie’s Tavern
Walter’s on Durham
20/20 Art Event
Hard Thymes
Mr. B’s Ballroom (Pasadena, TX)
MSC Basement (College Station, TX / Texas A&M University)
Stephen F. Austin State University ((Nacogdoches, TX)
Houston Punk Rock Reunion
Rock Bar
Hot Dog Shop
Dan Electro’s Guitar Bar
Super Happy Fun Land



1. “EP” - The band’s first studio recordings were released in 1982, during the height of the punk rock craze. The all-original five-song vinyl EP on Houston's Freeway Records included Intelicide, Hot Rox, W.W. III, Vacancy and The New One. The opening track, Intelicide, was played many times on Houston’s Rice University radio station KTRU, 91.7 FM.

2. “Find Yourself” – The band went back into the studio in 1984 and released an all-original four-song audiocassette of Find Yourself, Next Time, Cash and Buffa Runo.

3. “Bloodstains Across Texas – 18 Essential Punk Rock Blasts” - One of The Inanimate Objects EP’s songs, The New One, was also released on the 18 punk band compilation LP in 1992 on the Swedish Meathead label.

4. 2010 CD "Not My Problem" – The Inanimate Objects Released this full length CD in late 2010 which consists of 11 original compositions, all of which have never before been released.


The Inanimate Objects are a Houston, Texas based three-piece alternative music band